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As you might know, Webcam Dancing is a lucrative opportunity where you can perform from anywhere, online, and do what you want to do.  Sexy Camz has spent a huge amount of time cavorting dancers and entertainers and watching you do your thing. We've worked closely with dancers to learn exactly what works and what doesn’t in the camming biz.

Think of this as an online fantasy world where you provide 24/7 entertainment for your exclusive fans across the country or even across the world; oh and make money when you want and how much you want. Given that so many newbie dancers fail miserably in this industry due to simple lack of knowledge and the trust in businesses that just do not know what the F$#$ they are doing, we decided to do our part in alleviating that problem by providing the tools you need to not only succeed, but to also delight your clientele.

Now...we know that there are TONS of webcam businesses online today, and dozens popping up everyday. What you and many other performers do not realize is that many of these sites are affiliates that are putting their own logo on the page, and just promoting the same shit all over the internet with no sense of exclusivity. They cannot provide you the level of interactivity, professionalism and profits like Sexy Camz can.

...but they don't know what we do.

  • We know that you don't like house fees and tipping out everyone and their mother for your hard work.
  • We know that you don't like dancing on the stage at times when guys throw a couple of dollars at you and say "Clap it Baby"...what they hell are they thinking?
  • We know that you don't like hands allover you during a lap dance and you have to wave over the bouncer to get Felipe's hands off of you.
  • We know that you don't like to put in the time to look hella sexy, and end up sitting at the bar looking at either an overcrowded club, or and empty club.

We say stop wasting your time and get with SexyCamz!

Here are some SexyCamz Dancer Benefits:

  • Sexy Camz gives you a tool that will allow you to make money from your loyal clients!
  • You control how much you make - receive between 30% - 100% of what your clients pay. It’s all up to you!
  • Get paid every 2 weeks, on time!
  • Interactive scheduling system to show when you will be doing a show.
  • Private messaging for you to communicate with your paying fans.
  • 24/7 customer service via toll-free numbers and email
  • Perform private 1 on 1 shows, or perform simultaneous VIP shows and get paid from each viewer!
  • Post your steamy pics and videos, and get paid for each time they are viewed! Get paid even when you are offline and in your sleep!

...and so may other features!

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Is this the right thing for you?
You are here so let's make it the right thing!

If you are sexually liberated, an exhibitionist, with or without experience, we have an ideal and lucrative activity for you!

It's easy:

  • If you are over 18 years old, have a computer with an high speed internet connection and a webcam, then you can become a webcam dancer for Sexy Camz!
  • You can be registered and up and running in no time. All we need is for you to fill out some basic information about yourself on our online sign up form. Then within 48 hours you will be contacted by a Sexy Camz administrator to schedule an over the phone tutorial of the system and help you get started making money right away.
  • Sexy Camz doesn't charge any set up fees at all whatsoever; its FREE.

You are in control:

  • On Sexy Camz you decide what you do in front of your cam and how far you want to go. Neither your viewers nor Sexy Camz can make you do anything you don't want to. The only thing you will have to follow is our terms and conditions regarding good behavior during the shows.
  • On Sexy Camz you are free to charge the viewers what you want! Unlike most other cam sites, you set your goals, you set the price for whatever you are ready to do in front of your webcam. This can be a full time job or a great way to make money when you are not dancing.  It is even a great way to make extra money performing shows that cannot be performed in the club. And you can work from the comfort of your own home or behind the scenes at the club!

So how much money can you expect to make?

This is a trick question. It all depends on how often you are online. The name of the game is building a fan base and having regular customers means working a regular schedule. Average dancers that do a set 4-6 hours per day/night average roughly $175 - $250+ per day/night. And that figure doubles when you do private shows! So how much money you make depends on your consistency, your looks and the efforts that you put in to give a great online paid private shows.

Another advantage of working as a Sexy Camz dancer is that you are your own boss:

  • You can create your own schedule
  • You can upload your own photos and charge viewers to see your sexiest videos and images
  • You can make your own videos and charge on a "pay per view" setup
  • You can work from home or any location with a high speed Internet connection

There is no limit to how many hours you work, and you can stop performing at any time. Plain and simple our dancers make more money and have more support than they would anywhere else.

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